Why Spain

Spain ranks third among wine producing countries worldwide with over 2.9 million acres (over 1.17 million hectares) planted; more than any other country in the world. Spain is also the number-one worldwide producer of organic wine with over 80.000 hectares of land specifically registered and documented as organic. According to the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (Observatorio Español de los Mercados del Vino – OEMV), Spain has yet again beaten Italy and France to remain the world’s largest exporter of wine. This represented only €2.8 billion in sales for Spain, while Italy’s wine export brought €6 billion and France more than tripled Spain’s with value sales of €9 billion.

How is this possible? Spain is still selling off its 'entry-level' wines quite cheaply: at less than half the price of Italian, and a quarter of the price demanded for French produce. Compared to France and Italy, Spain has always trailed in marketing. France and Italy have a much better international presence- more experience in marketing their products- and have been exporting for much longer than their Spanish counterparts. Micro-cooperatives were created to protect farmers but ended up promoting the Spanish 'bulk-wine' tradition.

The new generations are more educated and adventurous, and they are re-envisioning the potential of Spanish wine. A whole new generation of ambitious winemakers- aware of Spain’s huge potential- are taking over and finally putting Spanish wines on the international map. They are changing the rules of the game; focusing on the fantastic diversity spanish vineyards can offer.

These are the trends that conscious winemakers are using to change Spanish wines and take them to next level. There are over 400 grape varieties in Spain. Yes, 400! Few countries can rival Spain for its breadth and diversity of wine styles, from robust reds and crisp whites, to refreshing rosés and sparkling cavas.

With over 20000 wine brands in Spain alone, picking just a handful among all the producers is a titanic task. It requires a solid criteria and understanding of today’s wine trends that keep redefining the prestige of Spanish wines abroad. Our commitment as importers is discovering these rare and unique wines and bringing them to Manitoba. Primavera Imports wines will allow you to explore wine regions, styles of wine, and detailed maps of Spain’s unique geography, climate, and soil.