Who We Are

Primavera Imports is a small independent company focused on bringing great & undiscovered wines from Spain to Canada. We believe in the tremendous potential Spanish wines have due to their diversity, quality -and most importantly to the consumer- the incredible value they offer. (WHY SPAIN)

Our portfolio represents high-value traditional wines from many regions in Spain; unique wines with limited productions. Our primary focus is importing Spain’s unique and affordable wines to Canada. 

If you care about quality and flavour as much as we do, you will be very pleased with what we offer. (WINES)

-  We value quality over quantity, “one man-family show”, and artisanal wine.

-  We represent small producers: individuals, family organizations, and artisanal wineries. (WINERIES)

-  We observe strict parameters when selecting our wines. We believe this is the only way to find the best wine . Wines have a story behind them; a tale of dedication, passion, and hard work . (HOW WE APPROACH VITICULTURE)